"The time has come," KGB said,
"To talk of many things:
  Of files--and links--and bridge programs--
  Of updates -and zips-
  And why the modems are very slow--
  And whether net is fast."

As you know many things have changed after the above was written. My first bridge programs were written in the first version of Microsoft Visual Basic, probably for 16 bit computers. Unfortunately I have made update for every new Basic version. The most demanding was tranfer to VB Net. Many times properly running code did not compile under the new version of VB. Some controls could be indexed in old version and not in new.

Now when I finally have decided to put everyhing in public domain, there might be some programs that are not compiling if I do it again, but I do believe that the executing code is OK. 'Do not touch anything that is functioning, should be every programmers rule'.

I have no installation programs at all. Just put all exe-, dll-, lib, def-files in a directory that you choose yourself (I have named it 'Other_programs'). This directory MUST have as subfolder named 'aux_files'. In that you put everything that is in a zipped file. In this there may be some files that are not needed but their size is very small. Then for every exe-file (except HandprintPBN and HandprintJPG) create a shortcut and put them on your desktop or toolbar. I'm not sure which Interop-files really are needed, it is best to copy all four. Ini-files are created at end of program, but they might be needed at start. The size of most programs are about 500kB. The only exception is gsdll32.dll (11MB, you may profit by downloading it directly from this site). Of course you need the newest Microsoft .Net Framework installed on your computer (at time 4.8)
Program name Description
BigDeal Psueudorandom deal genaration program built on C-code by Hans van Staveren. Uses RIPemd found in .Net Framework. Writes PBN, dlm and dup and a back-up PBN. With this new version you can update selected deal files in the chosen event folder without writing the folder names. This folder is Z:\BOS\events. (Where Z can be any drive, if you use Jannersten's Duplimate dealing machine it is usually C). Bigdeal uses very long seed. Pseudorandom number is 168 bits long. Somewhere in the middle 96 bits are used as random number. If the number is greater than 52!/(13!)^4, this number is not used, and a new one is generated.
FrontHandPrint Generates deal handouts in many different formats, calculates optimum contract, reads pbn-files. Needs Ghostscript and Double Dummy Solver.
****HandPrintPBN This is the real program that generates the handouts, reads an ini generated by previous progam. Do not start directly.
****HandPrintJPG Converts logo in JPG-format  to postscript for HandprintPBN. Do not start directly.
BridgeFileConverter Converts PBN, BBO-lin, DeepFinesse-txt, Duplimate-dlm and BridgeBaron files. this is only a frontend. Needs KGBcodec.dll.
FinderForBridgeDeals One of my oldest programs, not very logical interface but may help you finding a special bridge hand. Seached file formats PBN and .dlm.
FinderForBridgePBNdeals Another type of search engine. Final check is done visually. (Suits and hands may be in other order). Version 2021
BridgeMate_One_Table MagicC and Bridgemate cannot generate a database file for one table. This program does it. If you have prescored files this may help you.
ReadMagicC MagicC scoring program writes an html.file with results. These are extracted and put into web-file to be used as prescored data.
****Example HTML Here is an example file with correct formatting for the program above
FinderForSpecial You can search for files with desired extensions, then search the file for special contents. Found data is put into clipboard.
PreScored_5T14R If you have prescored data from e.g. 8 tables you can arrange a competition with results from 9 to 13 tables. This means that your own competition can have 1 to 5 tables and maximum 14 rounds.
PreScoredForm Just prints out a recapitulation sheet for one table .
Dll's in folder Description
DLL_files Unzip into program your program folder, where the other downloaded programs are located. Download Gostscript from other place. Manually add gsdll32.dll Needed: download together with first program
Auxiliary files Description
Aux_files Unzip into aux_files folder. Needed: download together with first program
DeepFinesse deals Click to download files below
  Clyde E . Love: Bridge Squeezes Complete  Compound squeezes. Page numbering from Dover paperback
  Geza Ottlik (Kelsey): Adventures in Card Play    PBN version    DF-version
  Nick Smith: Bridge and the Romantics  Separate deals zipped   All deals in one file


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